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Lip Balms for Cold Weather

Dry or chapped lips can be a real problem when cool weather approches. It can be hard to know how to protect your lips from the cold once the cracking, bleeding and chapping starts and does not seem to stop.



The main reason your lips become chapped is because there are no oil glands in your lips to keep them moisturized.  Another reason is a lack of Vitamin B, D or C.  Deficiencies of these vitamins can cause the skinto look weathered and dry.



Ultraviolet rays can be just as bad for your lips and skin in the winter as they are in the summer.  The cold or dry weather can cuase yor skin to dry out.  If there is snow on the ground the sun’s rays can bounce back and even burn them a bit.  Look for a lip balm that has a bit of zinc or sunblock in it for best results.



When our lips feel dry the natural tendency is to lick them. This is the worst thing you can do because the more that you use saliva to wet your lips the more the moisture evaporates from them and the more dried out they become.  If you have  stuffy nose you can end up exahling through your mouth a lot more often than you usually would. The result is dry chapped lips.  It can help to cover your lips with a scarf to prevent them from drying out.



Mouthwashes with alcohol in them can also make htings worse. This is because alcohol dries out the tissues of the mouth.



Dry air is often the culprit. Using a humidifier will help make sure that you get proper air flow.



Be sure to protect your lips with lip balm instad of lipstick.  Lipstick often has agents in it that dries lips out a little when your goal during the winter should be to try and do the opposite.  It is the long lasting lipsticks that tend to have the most drying agents and irritants in them.



When choosing a lip balkm choose one with natural ingredients that can reduce your exposure to harful ingredients and possible allergies.  Organic lip balms are usually freer of chemicals.



Soothing agents that are ideal to have in a high quality lip balm are Shea Butter, Calendula and Olive oil.  Shea butter is especailly wonderful when it comes to not only moisturizing lips but also sealing in the moisture that is there.