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Beautiful Romantic Dress

Beautiful Romantic Dress

This Lace Appliqué Fit & Flare Dress by Eliza J has beautifully crafted lace that enriches the gossamer overlay of a romantic spaghetti-strap dress. It is defined by a tonal ribbon band above the softly pleated, knee-length skirt. This dress is so beautiful and girly it will make you want to twirl a little.

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Lucky Charms for Prosperity

Are you shopping for a special little charm or symbol that might bring you or someone else abundance or prosperity. There are many good luck and money attracting symbols that you can commonly find sold as charms or pendants in jewelry school. Here is a guide to the meaning of some of these charms symbols.


Ankh: This looks like a Christian Crucifix but with a loop at the top. This lovely ancient Egyptian symbol represents love and long life.


Butterfly (American Indian): For love, grace, abundance, inspiration, passion and blessings.


Elephant (East Indian, African): Represents prosperity and wisdom.


Eye in the Hand: These good luck tokens which feature a human eye centered in the palm of a human hand originate in the Near East and are of Jewish-Arabic origin. The open hand represents the intervention of a higher power and the eye represents the all-seeing eye of God. This talisman is thought to bring God’s mercy, strengthen faith and protect against bad luck.


Goldfish (Chinese): Charms that look goldfish are thought to bring prosperity, especially if they are made of orange enamel.


Three Leaf and Four Leaf Clover – The three-leafed clover is a symbol of health and vitality and for the Celts, symbolized The Holy Trinity. A four-leafed clover symbolizes sudden good fortune. A five-leafed clover symbolizes a happy marriage.


Rabbit (Prairie Indian): A charm will bring fertility, abundance and prosperity.


Roman Coins: Antique Roman coins are thought to bring prosperity and good fortune to those who wear them as jewelry


Runes, which are stones that are used for fortune telling, can also be worn to attract prosperity. The symbols on Runes usually represent animals. The best ones to wear for prosperity are: UROZ (power; ox), Fehu (possession; livestock), Kenaz (opportunity; the torch), Wunjo (happiness; an X) or Jera (harvest; interlocking v’s).


Tortoise (Chinese): For holding onto money, investing it wisely and creating wealth.


Thor’s Hammer: This talisman usually looks like a small axe or very blunt edged cross. Carrying this symbol is thought to help achieve social success and protect against making the career wrong move in life and losses on the stock market!  This masculine charm makes a good gift for a man!


Zen Symbol: This looks like a black teardrop shape and white teardrop shape embracing each other in a circle. It is from the Far East and is also known as the Ying Yang or Tai’Chi symbol. It is worn to achieve equilibrium, balance and harmony.

What Gifts Should You Bring to a Baby Shower?

She’s a good friend, she’s pregnant and she is having a baby shower.  Now the question is, “What gift should you give her at this special celebration?”


Most mothers take the guesswork out of this by setting up a gift registry with a local toy, hardware, furniture and/or clothing store. Gift registries can also be set up on some sites on the Internet.


Usually, the expectant mother will tell you directly what kind of gifts she we would like or what items she needs to complete her nursery. If the mother is the shy type, you can probably pry a lot of information out of her mother, husband or sisters as to her needs and tastes.


Asking the mother what her favorite colors is a must. Some mothers hate yellow and pink and like to dress their babies in black. Also it is a good idea to ask the mother what her favorite foods are and if she has any allergies. Some people are allergic to things like chocolate and peanuts or react to certain fragrances and perfumes.


If there are no suggestions or you can’t afford what is on the registry (which is often the case) then consider buying a gift that pampers mom, candy or spa products.  Diapers and soothers are a good idea and you can go wrong with a toy for a newborn.  Keepsakes as photo albums and frames are recommended as well as gift certificates for photography.


Food might also be very welcome.  Consider buying bottle of champagne for the happy parents to share after the birth of the baby or bringing a frozen casserole that they can enjoy later.  A simple gift basket full of baby-foods or exotic foods for the adults is also a nice idea.


Sometimes the mother-to-be is strapped for cash, in which case you can set up a donation station at the event.  There are many fun versions of this. Consider pinning money to a tree or clothesline or label a diaper pail  “The Mommy Fund” and encourage guests to step on the pedal and drop money into it.


If you want to be discreet it is a very nice idea to buy a teddy bear with a zipper and then ask people to stuff it with paper bills.  Even quieter is simply opening a bank account in the mother’s name and then handing her the account book at the end of the party.


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Cool Baby Art

Cool baby art

Want to turn your kid’s photos into pop art? These popular Pop Art 3-Panels artwork is inspired by the Pop Art Master himself, and is sure to add a splash of unique creativity to any room. Their talented graphic artists use a variety of digital brushes and techniques to transform your photo into a colorful one of a kind masterpiece.

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