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Myrrh Essential Oil Gives Your Face a Special Glow

If you love aromatherapy then you will love this tip for brightening dull complexions. Myrrh is thick brown oil that is mild in scent. It has a warm balsamic and earthy fragrance that smells like a milder version of sandalwood but with a bit of a warm vanilla tone to it.  It is very soothing and aside from helping you get a glowing, healthy looking complexion, it also has properties that help improve the mood of a depressed person.  The strong smell of Myrrh is also calming and relaxing and can help to cut the appetite of someone on a diet. It is a good essential oil to wear if you are having anxiety around any matters.


This is a versatile beauty aid that has been used since the times of ancient Egypt to perfume and nourish skin and hair.  It contains pinene and eugonol which helps reduce inflammation in troubled skin and hair follicles.  Myrrh helps soften the skin and can help trapped hair in follicles spring out an escape.


Myrrh essential oil works to make your skin look bright by increasing the circulation to hair follicles and skin follicles. The result is fresher looking skin Myrrh is also really great for your scalp and it can help you grow a plush thick head of hair. The myrrh acts to nourish the scalp that is stimulated enough to grow stronger healthy hair.


To use Myrrh Essential oil you should blend it carefully with carrier oil. Coconut oil works well with Myrrh as both have a bit of a sweet aroma.  Sweet Almond oil also works well with Myrrh.  Never ever use an oil like this straight on your skin or you could have an allergic reaction. Essential oils have the ability to leave a permanent red mark on your skin if you do not dilute them to the proper strength.


The recipe to make an oil for the face is to use two drops of oil in an ounce of carrier oil like Apricot Kernel oil  and then apply it liberally to the skin. If you are in doubt about how much to use then use just a drop – err on the side of caution and use more carrier oil to less essential oil.


The smell of myrrh, like Frankincense. Is a little reminiscent of Christmas so it is a good scent to wear around this time year and it is just a double plus that it is also good for treating stressed out skin or for priming skin before a thick make-up application.




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Incorporating Coconut Oil Into Your Beauty Routine

Coconut oil is one of those versatile kitchen ingredients that are also handy to use in a pinch in the place of other cosmetics.   Here are some ways it can be used as part of your beauty routine.


You really do not have to do much to obtain coconut oil.  It is usually sold in clear jars and it comes to the consumer in solid form. To liquefy it you can simply warm it up on the stove or in the microwave for a second or too. It does tend to liquefy at body temperature.  If you live in a hot place, the coconut oil might already be liquefied in the jar due to the constant heat.  If want the coconut oil to soak into our skin as fast as possible then use the liquefied version.


If the ends of your hair are dry then just rub a little coconut oil on the ends of your strands and let it sit for about ten minutes.   You can do this with either solidified or liquid oil, although coconut oil in its solid state is probably a little easier to handle. It has a consistency like hair gel.  You can actually leave it in to achieve a bit of shine and smoothness but most people wash it out and simply use the coconut oil as a moisturizing treatment. After you wash it out you will notice your hair is a lot silkier and smoother.


Coconut oil makes a great facial mask or hair plaster too. Just add coconut oil to mashed avocado and a bit of milk to create a powerful facemask that cleanses and moisturizes at the same time.


Coconut oil also works well for women who must shave any part of the face.  Coconut oil, unlike shaving cream, allows you to see what you are shaving because it is free.  It is very softening on stiff facial hair and allows for a smooth, stubble-free hair removal process.


Finally, baby oil makes an effective, nourishing makeup remover. It moisturizes your face while removing every last trace of make-up. It is also a lot less expensive to use than brand name makeup removers.  Many cosmetics and shampoos do have coconut oil in them but they will charge you a lot more for the formula than if you just went to a drugstore and bought a cheaper version of it yourself.

About Orange and Rose Floral Waters

If you love perfume and aromatherapy then you might be very interested in trying out hydrosols.  Hydrosols are simply the pleasantly scented wastewaters that are left behind after essential oils are extracted from plant matter using steam.  Many hydrosols are quite fragrant and do contain some of the healing properties that were in the original essential oils. They are particularly useful for very delicate skin that has an allergic reaction to essential oils or frangrances.  Floral oils are also sometimes called hydrolats, essential waters herbal waters or distillate waters.


Hydrosols are much gentler on the skin and do not need to be applied with a carrier oil. They can also be added to the bath directly or used as a cologne or body spray without any danger of sensitization to the skin.The two most popular floral waters on the market are rose water and orange flower water.


Rose water is the by-product of the production of rose oil.  It is so pure that it can be used flavor food.  This is often the case in India and Asia where rose oil is used to flavor salads, rices, curries and esserts.  It is a common ingredient in Turkish Delight and is also added to rice pudding and cocktail.  In Europe it is used to flavor marzipan and as a substitute for wine in cooking.  Gourmands love to eat scones and marshmallows flavored with delicate rose oil. In both the east and west it is found in lemonades and cocktails.


Orange flower water, also known as orange blossom water is the distillation of fresh bitter-orange blossom. It turns up in a great deal of gourmet cooking. In Morroco it is used to flavor traditional sweets and it is also given to guests to wash their hands in between the course of a meal.  In Europe it is used to flavor madelaines and in the United States it flavors cocktails such as the Ramos Gin Fizz.


However aside from being edible these floral waters are also very good for the skin.  They retain some of the qulities of orange and rose essential oils which are used to calm and soothe irritated skin as well as help it attract water so that it looks more youthful.


Another use for rose and orange floral waters is blessing yourself or a space and to attract good vibes in general.  Some people add it to their laundry so their clothing smells nice.