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Wearing Sheer Clothing for Summer

Sheer clothing is going to be a very big trend this summer.  It is a great way to keep cool as long as you don’t mind looking a little less conservative than usual.  Runways all over the world show-cased netted, airy and see-though clothing.


Some women have difficulty wearing the sheer clothing because it can show a bit too much. The idea is for you to learn how to wear this type of sheer trend so that you do not feel uncomfortable, compromised or exposed in any way.  Although many of the fashions show will be transparent it is a good idea to go with clothes that have total transparency.  It is also a nice idea to balance the sheer pieces with the opaque ones.


If you want to look sophisticated than just wear one sheer piece with other clothing. For instance a short tied crop top looks great with a blouson sheer shirt.  You can also wear a sheer overskirt over a regular skirt.  One look that was show by designer Francesco Scognamiglio was a completely sheer white T-shirt style top with a tailored man’s suit in bright snow white.  Wearing a sheer dress shirt with a men’s suit or tailored skirt is called “wearing a statement shirt.”


Chiffon looks nice if you wear it with delicate fabrics like tulle, lace and chiffon.  For instance a lace camisole can look quite lovely under a sheer top.  Flapper looks from the 1920s were also in evidence on the runways. Blugirl did a cream sheer shift that falls just below the knee that is embroidered with white dress.


The obvious see through top is best left for evening.  Francisco Sognamiglio showed a dress that was part Vampira and part fifties night gown with a buttoned up collar, blouson sleeves and long swags of sheer black chiffon fabric.  The neck, breast and thigh area of the dress is augmented with baroque looking black lace while the rest of the dress is done in a sheer chiffon. Another beautiful evening treatment was done by Ante prima who featured floor-length black chiffon studded with huge black dime size sequins.


Finally it is important not to wear too many accessories or too much jewelry while you are wearing a sheer outfit. This is particularly true if you are opting to wear one of the new sheer pant looks.  You could possibly run the risk of looking too much like Barbara Eden in “I Dream of Jeannie.”