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How to Get Curls Without Irons or Rollers

Curling or rolling your hair to get waves or volume can end up frying your hair in the end.  If you have really long hair you have to be especially careful because you can damage it and get split ends. This can result in the need to actually cut your hair and lose length.


If you want to avoid this you can try braiding your hair instead. The trick is to start out with clean damp hair. Section your hair and make individual braids all over your head. Smaller braids create tighter curds and fewer braids create big loose ones.  For ideal results sleep with the braids.  The tighter you make the braids, the more of an L-shaped kink they will have. Before you take them out spray them with a curl activating spray.  Shake the curls loose and give them a shot of hair spray so that they stay curly all day.


You can also make curls without using heat by making Bantu Knots. Instead of braiding each section of damp hair you twist the hair around and around in a twirl until it creates a knot.  Once the hair is pulled tightly into the knot you pin it to the head.  Just like the braids, you sleep in these Bantu knots and just before you take them out you dry them.


If it is waves that you are try to create then simply put your hair up in a loose bun. This can create wonderful loose curls. You can also wear a bun to work, spray it with hairspray and when you let your hair down your locks are reedy for the evening.


Rag curls are also very easy to make.  All you need is several strips of material cut up from an old towel, sheet or shirt. You section out your hair and then start rolling the hair around the rag the same way you would a curler. You can then secure the curls by knotting the piece of fabric together; simply item up the two loose ends.  If you want you can also use pipe cleaners to create curls.  Simply coil them up and tie them up.


There is also nothing wrong with being old-fashioned. You can always use foam rollers to curl your hair. You can buy them anywhere from the drug store to the local dollar store.

Another old-fashioned way of making curls is to use pin curls. To create a pin curl you section of the hair and roll the hair up in a flat coil that rests against the scalp. You can then secure it with a bobby pin or some other kind of flat pin.