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Getting Men to Think You Are Classy

If you want to appear classy to men then there are certain things you can do with your appearance.


A good idea is to  choose classic clothing such as riding boots, white shirts (with a few buttons undone), just above the knee skirts and black turtlenecks.  Don’t show off too much cleavage, wear mini skirts, boast bare legs with boots or wear fish net stockings. Avoid T-Shirts with sayings or logos on them such as “I’m With Stupid” or “Guns and Roses.”


Do tailor your makeup so that is looks natural and pink.  Wear just a touch of mascara and lipstick with sheer lip-gloss.  Classy women prefer pale pink nail polish and French manicures to lurid or strong shades. Don’t do your eyes up like Elvira and boast blood red or bright purple lips and nails. Stay away from body glitter!


Be sure to wear your hair shorter and keep it trimmed at all times.  Very long hair that is tied up into a bun or shorter blunt haircuts are associated with classy women.

Avoid streaking your hair wild colors or wear it in a shag.  Avoid chunky hair jewelry and faux diamond hair clips. Also a classy woman would never be caught dead wearing a “scrunchie” to hold together her ponytail.


Classy girls wear a one of a kind piece of jewelry or a watch that is designer, antique or an attention getter. Classy women are also known for favoring a simple string of pearls over costume jeweler. Don’t decorate yourself with bling blings to the extent that you look like a walking Christmas Tree.  Avoid wearing too much costume jeweler and religious items that have nothing at all to do with your real religion.


You will appear a pair simple, yet traditional pearl or diamond studs in each ear. Don’t wear piercing in your eyebrows, tongue, lips, nipples or anywhere else. He might treat you like a porn star and leave.


Do stand up straight when you walk. Greet all those you meet with a shy but pleasant smile. Be sure not to slouch, sulk or cower while in the company of other people.  Don’t spread your legs when you sit or ever be seen squatting (even if you did just spill the entire contents of your purse on the floor).


When it is time to order a cocktail choose sophisticated and traditional beverages such as wine, cosmopolitans and martinis. Don’t be seen swilling coke or a rye and Seven Up.


Do act in a demure, polite and courteous fashion at all times. Nothing is less classy then swearing like a sailor!