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Myrrh Essential Oil Gives Your Face a Special Glow

If you love aromatherapy then you will love this tip for brightening dull complexions. Myrrh is thick brown oil that is mild in scent. It has a warm balsamic and earthy fragrance that smells like a milder version of sandalwood but with a bit of a warm vanilla tone to it.  It is very soothing and aside from helping you get a glowing, healthy looking complexion, it also has properties that help improve the mood of a depressed person.  The strong smell of Myrrh is also calming and relaxing and can help to cut the appetite of someone on a diet. It is a good essential oil to wear if you are having anxiety around any matters.


This is a versatile beauty aid that has been used since the times of ancient Egypt to perfume and nourish skin and hair.  It contains pinene and eugonol which helps reduce inflammation in troubled skin and hair follicles.  Myrrh helps soften the skin and can help trapped hair in follicles spring out an escape.


Myrrh essential oil works to make your skin look bright by increasing the circulation to hair follicles and skin follicles. The result is fresher looking skin Myrrh is also really great for your scalp and it can help you grow a plush thick head of hair. The myrrh acts to nourish the scalp that is stimulated enough to grow stronger healthy hair.


To use Myrrh Essential oil you should blend it carefully with carrier oil. Coconut oil works well with Myrrh as both have a bit of a sweet aroma.  Sweet Almond oil also works well with Myrrh.  Never ever use an oil like this straight on your skin or you could have an allergic reaction. Essential oils have the ability to leave a permanent red mark on your skin if you do not dilute them to the proper strength.


The recipe to make an oil for the face is to use two drops of oil in an ounce of carrier oil like Apricot Kernel oil  and then apply it liberally to the skin. If you are in doubt about how much to use then use just a drop – err on the side of caution and use more carrier oil to less essential oil.


The smell of myrrh, like Frankincense. Is a little reminiscent of Christmas so it is a good scent to wear around this time year and it is just a double plus that it is also good for treating stressed out skin or for priming skin before a thick make-up application.