Wooden Trinket Boxes Make Great Gifts

Wooden trinket boxes are found in almost every culture. Perhaps this is because they have always been so easy to construct and because it is a conceit of mankind that there must always be a place to store things that are tiny and precious.  These beautiful items are becoming more and more popular because they have always been so easy to recycle. You give the gift in the box and it does not get thrown out like ordinary wrapping. Whoever gets the box goes on to keep it as a treasure box or jewelry box.


One of the most basic styles of wooden trinket boxes is the simple hatbox style. These boxes are often octagonal, triangular, oval or square shaped and simply have a lid that can be removed. Sometimes these boxes are lined and sometimes not. The lids can be hand painted, carved or inlaid with gems, shells or other kinds of woods.  It is very common to find these types of boxes lined with ribs of brass or decorated with shell inlay and brass.  Often the hinges of these boxes are also metal.


Yet another common style is the case style of box. This type of box looks like a matchbox but instead the lid slides off of the top to display the contents inside.  This type of box is often unlined so that the top of the lid slides back and forth smoothly. This type of case can also be used as a charming pill box.


One of the most common styles of wooden trinket boxes is the style that is called “treasure chest.”  This is the jewelry box style only instead of being just a flat case with hinges the top of the case is rounded to make the entire box roomier.


Some wooden trinket boxes come with ornate keyholes or locks and hinges. You can also find a type that is lined with velvet to keep something like a ring or necklace from being scratched. This type usually has a hinge that snaps shut like the jaws of a clam.  This helps keep the treasure inside more secure.


Wooden trinket boxes make great gifts especially for children who like to hide things like Barbie Doll shoes, crickets and watch parts inside them. Adults also like them for storing items such a vitamins, earrings and other odds and ends.


A nice touch is to wrap the box in a designer kerchief or scarf instead of using wrapping paper so that can be recycled as well.