Scent Notes That Suit Sexy Confident Women

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How you smell can definitely help you feel certain ways. It can also lend others the impression that you are certain type of woman.  This is why it is so important to look for scents that will convey subliminal messages to others.



For instance if you want to seem confident try wearing a heavier more overwhelming base note scent. Choose ones that have very noticable base notes like musk, civet, bourbon vanilla and pure rose. These scents are intoxicating almost to the point of overwhelming and they last a very long time.  An example of a perfume like this is Poison.



A heavy white chocolate, toboacco  or camphor base to a perfume can also signify confidence and sexual prowess.  Tuberose and Lily of the Valley are also heady enough on their own to be the base of a very noticable personal scent.



The middle notes of the perfume should have a bit of spice to them.  Vanilla can be a double note or be layered with clove, vanilla or cinnamon. The idea is tha the scent has a bit of sugar to them.   For a seriously seductive touch find a perfume with middle notes of chocolate, blackberry, lotus flower, figs, pears or tomato. These food-like notes give others the impression that you are good enough to eat Patchouli, pink pepper, jasmine, yang, ylang and cocunut also make great middle notes.



It is the top notes that give many perfumes their distinctive character.  The top note is what is smelled first and gives you a first impression of the scent. Many contempoerary scents have fruity top notes like pomegranate, orange, grapefruit or lime.



Lemongrass and bergamot make great top notes but grassy notes like cedar or Palmaris give even the the top note in a scent real staying power.  Any lily or iris scent also gives a scent a real feminine touch.  Lily scents are also more waxy and smell more retro than ones that have a great deal of citrus in them.  Hyacinth is also very heavy and floral, and lasts a long time.



If you do not want to appear too feminine then choose a scent with a top note of fennel anise which smells like licorice.  Francinscense and Myrrh also make great top notes for a woman who wants to smell a little more masculine.



If you want smell very clean rahter than sweeter then choose a perfume with atopnote of chamolile, violets or lavender.



Lilac makes a good top note because it is very feminine. The smell of freesia is also very hypnotic and feminine and makes your boyfriend want to snuggle his nose in your neck.

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