Support Lingerie for the Gym!

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Now that the holidays are over with you have about three months to get svelte for Spring.  If you are a full figured person or just a bit bouncy in build then you might be wondering what you can wear to the gym to give you some support.


Not everyone need to wear support lingerie when they are active athletically. Still most of us have bouncing breasts on the trouble. As a rule of thumb, the more plus size you are, the more likely you are to need support lingerie.  In fact most support lingerie comes in all plus-sizes as the industry realizes the need for larger women to wear structured clothing to help minimize the effects of high impact exercise.



The most common types of support lingerie for sports are support tops and sports caprice. Athletic stretch points are also popular because they help hold the tummy in and make you look thinner. The tight garment also supports your back muscles so you have less chance of strain due to carrying too much weight.  The most comfortable athletic pants have a slight flare to the leg to allow for freedom of movement and a wide soft waistband that is complimented by a drawstring (so you can keep your pants up while you lose weight.)



Some women with very large breasts may find it necessary to wear two sports bras to feel they are the most comfortable.  This is not a bad idea for women who are anywhere up from double D to G in size as jogging or biking can truly be uncomfortable. Some manufactures make sports bras for full figured women that have special molding and support.


Women with larger breasts also seem to sweat more so you might want to find bras that have a mesh lining or that are made out of special fabrics that help wick away sweat from the body.



Many supportive tees nowadays are made with Lycra which ha a very natural ability to wick moisture away from the skin.  This fabric is also cooler than cotton and stretches so that it can be worn by just about anyone. This type of T-shirt is also nice enough to wear out as a sexy top as they are form fitting and show off the body.  One tip is to buy a tighter size than you need and this will actually provide additional support to the stomach, back and breast area.

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