Custom Fitting A Bra

The days when you had to own a different bra for every occasion are long over. Now you can customize your bra to fit all kinds of different styles of clothing using the various “brassiere accessories”. These are gizmos for your bra that can make it look like you have larger breasts or a strapless look.



. The days of stuffing your bra with Kleenex to get a fuller cup size are long over. Nowadays you can purchase what are affectionately nicknames as “pork cutlets”. These are gel filled, flesh colored inserts that you put into your bra to up the size of your cup or just simply make yourself look rounder. Inserting these gel-filled inserts can also help squish the breasts together so you are rounder at the point between your breasts where you are supposed to have cleavage. Think of these inserts as being breast implants that don’t require surrgery. They feel like real breasts if someone should happen to accidentally on purpose brush up against them.



You can also buy a nifty device called a bra extender. Let’s just say you are a 36 C but that one of a kind perfect bra that you saw in the lingerie store was 32 C. You can actually buy a hook and eye style of bra size extender that help you fit into that lacy number you are coveting so much. These types of extenders come in one hook, two hook, three hook, four hook and even five hook sizes and extend how far your bra can be extended to hook up the back. This means you never have to discard a bra because you gained weight around your middle or back fat your torso.



It is now fashionable to show your bra strap.  You novelty or decorative bra straps to replace the ones that came with the bra in lace, ribbon, chains, braiding and clear plastic.  This allows you to make a bit of a fashion statement if the collar of your shirt happens to slide over to reveal your bra strap. Instead of seeing the usual white thick band aid style strap others can get a glimpse of something a bit more elegant.  Many women are now matching their bra straps to their jewelry or to the color or texture of their clothing.The clear plastic straps come in very handy  if you are wearing a top that is more see-through and you don’t want people to see thick straps.



We live in an age of fashion experimentation so do not be afriad to jazz up the way your bra looks along with the rest of your outfit.