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Gemstone Gifts That Speak of Love

Would you like to give a friend, male or female, a gift of jewelry that truly expresses how you feel about them?


Below is a list of popular gemstones and their meaning. You can also wear these stones on your person to help dispel any problems you are having in personal relationships.


Sapphire:  This stone, which is usually the color of the deep, blue sea, corresponds to the energies of the Archangel Michael. Michael protects you from forces antithetical to love such as violence and lust. The sapphire can help women select an appropriate husband.


Rose Quartz: This light pink crystal heals the heart and promotes a sense of self-appreciation, and self-love. It also helps you open your heart’s center so that you can give love, unconditionally without any expectation of a reward in return. It improves your mood and enhances feelings of joy.


Diamond: Diamonds have traditionally symbolized the commitment of one human being to another, but in this case they also symbolize a commitment to taking care of your Higher Self. The stone vibrates at a frequency that strengthens your intuitive abilities. It helps you perceive beyond surface appearance and understand the truth about another person.


Emerald: This brilliant green stone is used to restore balance. Healers use this an anti-stress stone and to restore harmony to troubled or split personalities. Traditionally, an emerald was also thought to help you learn lessons, so you don’t repeat mistakes in your love life. Its deep sea green color is reminiscent of the subconscious, so it can assist in the manifestation of appropriate relationships in your life.


Ruby: The blood red light of the ruby helps to dispel feelings of discouragement and self-doubt and infuse your heart, mind and aura with love. This is the stone to wear if you feel like you are drowning in self-pity. It dispels negative self-talk and is thought to increase confidence and beauty. . It can help you achieve a vibrant social life and attract the right friends.


Amethyst: This beautiful purple stone that helps you let go of past hurts and relationships. It will help you access the truth that will set you free. If you are a control freak, this is the gem that will help you ‘Let Go and Let God’. Amethysts help release fears and anxieties that might be lurking in your subconscious and preventing you from moving forward by bringing them to the surface. It helps release fear and anxiety and also reduces tension and stress in the body.

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