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The Wine Gift Basket

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The wine gift basket is a very traditional gift and it is appropriate to give to both friends or business associates. It is also suited to many different holidays including Valentine’s Day. weddings and birthdays.  Wine is also considered to be a healthy gift; it is good for the heart physically.



The only time that the wine gift basket is inappropriate is in the case where the person has a medical condition or an addiction that prevents them from drinking alcohol. This is something that you should find out if you are planning to give a wine gift basket to a business associate or a client so that your gift is appropriate.



The typical contents of a traditional wine gift basket are bottles of wine (either red or white or both), crackers, cheese, pate, caviar, chocolates, cheese, cookies and wine glasses. Sometimes the wine gift basket can also include a corkscrew or items such as cheese slicers or decorative wine stoppers.



Another nice touch is to include a book about wines or a guide to vintages.  If you really want to splurge buy the person a wine tour in a local growing area and include them in the basket.



If you know that the person you are giving the wine gift basket to is a wine snob then you should be careful about what wines you give to them and also about the food that you select to go with it.  For instance chocolate is more complimentary to red wines than white wines.  Fresh fruit belongs more in a wine gift basket that has white wine.  For a different sort of twist on the idea of the wine gift basket try giving gourmet wine such as Ice Wine or Port and add unusual crackers or cookies.



Pickles or exotic preserves are also included in wine baskets nowadays as are olives and other delicacies.



Although it is not exactly wine, the gift basket that contains champagne fits into the wine gift basket category. Champagne goes great with truffle spread and crackers, caviar, pate, strawberries, raspberries and chocolate. It is one of the nicest gifts you can give to celebrate an occasion such as the announcement of an engagement, a promotion or birth of a baby.



You can make a very special Valentine’s gift basket out of chocolate dipped cherries or other fruits, champagnes and chocolates.  For an ultra sexy gift you can also include sexy body lotions, essential oils, candles and anything else you can think of to make your evening ultra-sexy and exotic.


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