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Electric MAGENTA Model Sunglasses

Electric MAGENTA Model Sunglasses

These Electric MAGENTA Model Sunglasses will be shielding those harmful rays and soothing your eyes from the brightness. Never before has the bold look of seduction met the agile lines of evil the way they have in the Magenta. While the overstated brows may evoke the soft wings of a butterfly, make no mistake these Italian made bombshells have the strength to floor anyone who dare doubt your wickedness. Born of protection yet bred of confrontation, leave them more dead than alive in the Magenta.


Electric Mayday Sunglasses !!!


For the femme fatales of the past, present, and future, Mayday is suited for supermodel secrecy. A nod to the sexy 60’s “jet-age”, this stylish release is the latest eyewear geared to bring out your inner secret agent.

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