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Soapy Soles

soapy soles

The Soapy Soles Elite Foot Cleaner and Massager is a 3-in-1 foot care product that scrubs, massages, and indulges your feet with three different surfaces. One cleans the foot, one massages the foot, and one stimulates. The ultimate way to clean and massage your feet – without bending over!! Soapy Soles Elite pad suctions to the floor of a tub or shower. The bumpy center oval has nodes or “bumps” that can be used for a reflexology home treatment to reduce stress and improve health. Why are you still cleaning your feet the hard way? Soapy Soles is the unique personal footpad designed to eliminate awkward bending and balancing. Treat your feet to a stimulating massage as you clean, refresh and soothe. Clear Blue.