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Discover Ionic Galvanizer “Face Lifts”

Discover Ionic Galvanizer “Face Lifts”


Ionic Galvanizer machines are those gadgets that are are responsible for creating what the media has dubbed as being a non-surgical face lift. They offer a non-invasive way to treat the effects of aging and prevent further wrinkles and sagging from appearing.


These machines used to only be available for use a spa. You had to book an appointment, pay anywhere from fifty to five hundred dollars (depending on the serums or lotions used) and then enjoy the use of the machine by a salon technician. The treatments could take anywhere from half and hour to an hour and a half.  The good news is that you do not even have to go to a spa to enjoy these services any more.


Nowadays you can get hand-held home units like the Fyola facial massager that combines both galvanic and ultrasound technology, and give yourself your own spa treatment at your home. These hand held beauty massagers will do three main things for your skin –


  1. Remove water
  2. Remove fat
  3. Remove wrinkles

If you manage these three components of skin health then you can look younger than ever.


These  face massagers gently pummel the skin so that fat cells are broken down.  Fatty tissue is replaced with healthy new collagen.  Fat that is trapped in elastin (the tissue network that holds us together) is dissolved and released into the bloodstreams.  They bring water to the skin by deploying a negative and positive ionic charge that helps the skin retain the water.  This pummeling effect gives your face a work-out that burns fat and makes your wrinkles seem to disappear.


These units also give your skin a “workout” that causes your face to burn away fat, just as if it was being put through exercises. The water that is drawn to the skin also helps flush fat away from the face.


Looking youthful using one of these gadgets does not stop and end at removing fat, water and wrinkles. Perhaps the most interesting benefit of using an ionic galvanizer is that it stimulates the tissues just enough so that your body builds more collagen on it’s own. Collagen is that essential connective and filler tissue that makes our faces look plumped up, younger and wrinkle free.  Furthermore all of this can be done in the privacy of your own home, in about ten minutes, using one affordable facial massager unit!