Simple Fuss-Free Bridal Lingerie

There is so much to deal with on your big wedding day. Who wants to be wrestling with garters and snaps or struggling into girdles? The lingerie industry has realized this and is now selling a one piece bridal/lingerie stocking combo that you can just slip on and forget about for the entire day. Usually these are matching sets that come in many colors (including white, pink and blue) and include a bridal thong, bridal suspenders and bridal stockings that attaché in a way that makes it really simple to do things like visit the bathroom just before you walk up the aisle..

This type of one-piece item does not come cheeap. A good brand that is recommended by My Tights is called Asia stockings and you can get the attached thong, suspender and stocking set for about seventy bucks. These types of tights also give you choice a sheer or matte toe with a carefully worked seam that does not show if you end up wearing them with glittery sandals or an open-toed style.

A little shopping around on the net or in local bridal stores will probably turn up a similar type of lingerie stock. Just make sure you buy a set that is durable and of a high quality. Cheap sets like this tend to run very easily or just not fit so be prepared to spend a little bit of money.

Another option is to buy thigh-high stockings that stick to the leg. These are commonly known as bridal stay-ups. You can get nylon styles with polka dot or lace or look a bit like chenille. Popular colors ar white, ivory, cream, pink and blue (so you are wearing “something blue” on the big day.”

These general come in two constructions. There is the thigh high high with the gently elasticized topa nd the one with the thick vinyl tops. The larger, thicker and more rubbry the top of the stockings are the more likely they will actually stay up while you walk down the aisel.

One of the nicest styles has the top of the thigh high stocking rimmed with bunches of satin roses. You can also get them adorned with satin ribbons, rhinestones and many other details.

If you like the black and white look you will might want to spring for a pair that is bright white but that has a black inseam going up the back. The effect is very Betty Boop but also quite contemporary and very very sexy.

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