The Symbolism of Different Rose Colors

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Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and you might be considering giving a lover or even a fellow lonely girlfriend the gift of roses.  Roses come in many colors and convey many different messages depending how many roses are in the bundle and how many hues are in the bouquet.



Roses are the penultimate symbol of love. They have been used for hundreds of years to convey messages of love, devotion and appreciation.  However when it comes to symbolism there is more to a rose than just that.



Here is a look at what the symbolism of different rose colors means…


Red Rose – This is a symbol of sex, passion and romantic love.  It is the favorite color of lovers and ideal for gifting on Valentine’s Day.  It has been a symbol of love ever since Cleopatra gave Anthony one during her reign as Egyptian Queen.


White – This bloom symbolized humility, purity and innocence. It is associated with young love, self worth and also mourning. When a bride carries a white blossom down the aisle it means that she is a virgin.


Yellow  – In Victorian times the yellow rose meant joy, friendship and caring but it can also symbolize deception, secrets and mean “I am onto you.”  The yellow rose is what you give to that boyfriend who is cheating on you.


Pink –  This friendly color symbolizes femininity, elegance, happiness, sweetness, purity and admiration.  It’s perfect to give to a daughter or little sister.


Orange – Orange roses symbolize passion, excitement, prosperity, creativity and pure joy


Lilac – Lilac blooms symbolism sexual love, desire and homosexual love. If you are in a same-sex love affiar it is the perfect flower to give to show your affection this Valentine’s Day.


Purple – Purple roses symbolize deep sexual attraction, wisdom and mature relationships


Black – A black rose symbolizes undying love, magic and deep sensuality.

In some cases the roses can mean different things when paired with each other. For instance if you send a red and white rose twined together you are sending a message that means “unity.”



Sometimes less is more as well when it comes to the symbolism of roses.  A single rose sent in a narrow vase means “I love you” or “You or mine.”  However a huge floral spray of roses is an expression of gratitude.  If you send a bundle of tiny roses it means “I remember you” or we have a number of great memories.

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