Tasty Gift Idea for Guy

bacon gift basket

All men love to say. MMMmmmmm Bacon, So here are some tasty gift ideas for them. First, this Bacon Up Your Skillet Bundle will have him drooling. It come with a Bacon Skillet Spread. Yep, it’s a bacon spread you can put on your sandwiches, burgers, pizza; whatever your bacon-loving heart desires. And what’s awesome about this bundle of bacon goodness is that it comes with two bacon skillet spreads, a package of delicious premium bacon, Piglets Pecan Bacon snacks, bacon seasoning, and bacon flavored toothpicks. Create the ultimate BLT by spreading the Bacon Skillet Spread onto the bread and adding your strips of the delicious bacon! Then you can pop open the bag of Piglets and snack away! The Piglets are delicious morsels of dry cured bacon that have been hand cooked with brown sugar and chopped pecans. You can just snack on them or add them to the sandwich! The possibilities with this bundle of bacon spreading awesomeness are endless. You may have to clean up his drool after!

bacon combo  pack

Second we have the Bac’n Tastes Good No Nitrite Hickory and Peppered Bacon Combo . This “All Natural” bacon combo of No Nitrite Hickory Smoked Bacon and No Nitrite Peppered Bacon is an excellent choice! The thing with no nitrite bacon is that it can loose its flavor. Well not this dry cured “All Natural” Bacon. This bacon is slow smoked to perfection!