Get the Elizabeth Taylor “White Diamonds” Look

There are several biopics of Elizabeth Taylor coming out and this has brought back a style of makeup that Taylor wore in the eighties.  The look was basically a play on her favorite color “purple.” The truth about Elizabeth Taylor’s look when she was marketing her famous scent “White Diamonds” was that it was actually a look that was a study in purple.  The reason that she loved shades of amethyst, lilac and violet is because they were supposed to match her light violet eyes. Yet another reason she liked purple is because she considered it to be the color of Hollywood Royalty.


First off start off with a very thick pasty white foundation in ivory and cream and make sure it is well set with powder.  The idea is to make your complexion look pasty, like you are wearing enough make-up to pass for a Japanese Kabuki performer. Dust the hollows of your cheeks with a tawny dark bronzer to sculpt your cheeks and make them look hollow. Dab the bronzer to beneath your nose to make it look a bit shorter and more upturned.  A dusting of bronzer beneath your chin makes it look like you have less of a double chin.


Create a smoky purple eye by smoothing amethyst eye shadow on your lids, dark purple shadow in your creases and shiny pink eye shadow on your brow. Line your eyes on the top and bottom and inside with thick black eyeliner and then coat false eyelashes with lots of thick black mascara. Wearing thick black short false lashes can help augment this look.  It is okay for the shadow and foundation to be applied so thickly that you can see the beads of powder.


The look also looks just right if you apply a light plum colored shade of lipstick that is smothered in layers of amethyst gloss. Dark purple lipstick is found in the Goth section of most cosmetic counters nowadays but back in the eighties it was quite common.  The deep plum lipstick is necessary if you want to look completely eighties.


To get the hair to be just right dye it black and then add a bit of a dark purple or very dark plum tint so that it gleams violet in the light. Whether you like violet, blue or plum highlights in your hair is a matter of personal preference and what hue looks best with your eyes and skin.




Stretch Fabric Jacket

stretch fabric jacket

This Prism Jacket by Zella is a made from a moisture-wicking, four-way stretch fabric. It can be used for warming up or is even cool enough for everyday use. It features soft ruching that textures the long sleeves and a two-way zipper that fastens up to the tall, stand collar. The material is great, stretch and comfortable. Very flattering fit and a little bit of see through material for an edgy feel. The print and the color is on trend.

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What Are Superfruits?

For more than a decade we have been introduced to “superfoods.” The term superfruit was first used by the food, beverage and diet industry in about 2005 to describe produce that offers more than average nutrition and many health benefits. “Superfruit” is more of a category of description derived from “superfoods” that was used to promote of fruits and vegetables however it is very true that many of the fruits given this title really do possess nutritional benefits not shared by other foods. Superfoods is not a real category of medicinal foods that could be defined and rated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or the U.S. Department of Agriculture however indigenous cultures have been enjoying the healing properties and delicious taste of superfruits for centuries.


Superfruits are considered to be a cut above ordinary fruits because of their high nutritional content and low fat content. These are the fruits that have numerous phytonutrients and special compounds that can help in the prevention of cancer, relieve inflammation and fight conditions associated with aging.


Generally the nutritive value of any food is based on “what’s in it?” Foods with high nutritive value are low in calories and fat, have “good” carbohydrates, many vitamins and minerals and components that can help heal and optimize body functions. This is how superfoods got their name. They have superior levels of nutrition packed into foods with lower calorie counts.


Superfoods contain high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that can help protect your cells from damaging molecules known as free radicals. Superfruits are also packed with vitamins such as A, C and E. Foods high in these vitamins help optimize the immune system and improve visual and skin health. Bowel function is improved by the high amounts of fiber in these fruits.


Many of the foods that we are familiar with in every day life are superfruits, especially the berries such as blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. However it is the fruits that are from exotic places in the world that tend to pack the most phytonutrients and anti-oxidants and tend to have the most ability to fight cancer, arthritis, colds, flu, aging and other common conditions. These fruits, (like dragon fruit, lychees and mangosteens) are strange looking but they seem are becoming more of a regular sight in our supermarkets. If you can’t find them there you can also try searching in local Asian, Far Eastern or Caribbean markets.


Comfy Xmas Shawl Cardigan

comfy xmas sweater

This Sandy Snowflake Shawl Cardigan is cute and comfy. Perfect for Holiday get togethers. Stay snug and stylish with this piece of chunky, unique knitwear.

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